World Women's Wrestling
World Women's Wrestling (WWW or Triple W) was a New England based female independent professional wrestling promotion. New England Championship Wrestling (NECW) recognized the World Women's Wrestling Championship, and it was defended at NECW events.


  • NECW World Women's Championship (2005—2006) / World Women's Wrestling Championship (2006–present) - The World Women's Wrestling Championship was a professional wrestling title contested in World Women's Wrestling and New England Championship Wrestling. It was originally known as NECW World Women's Championship until the NECW and PWF Mayhem Women's Championships were unified. The current champion is Alexxis Nevaeh, who is in her third reign. Due to the closing of NECW and WWW on November 6, 2010, Alexxis Nevaeh, who held the title at the time, was recognized as the former WWW Champion as the title was not retained by PWF Northeast.

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