The Women's World Championship was the first original women's singles professional wrestling title. It is an older championship than the male equivalent, beginning in the 19th century rather than the 20th.

Recognized as the first original Women's World Championship created in the 1890s with its first champion being Josie Wahlford. When the title was won by Mildred Burke in 1938, her title reign came to an end when Burke had a bitter falling-out with husband Billy Wolfe and departed the promotion, leaving the world title vacant. On June 14, 1953, June Byers won a 13-woman tournament in Baltimore to claim the belt. She quickly became a popular fan favorite champion. Byers and Burke wrestled a two out of three falls match in 1954 it went to a no contest. Subsequently, Byers was recognized as the National Wrestling Alliance World Women's Champion, and Burke went on to create the WWWA World Championship and was recognized as its first champion.

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