The World (Heavyweight) Championship - alternatively, the Global, International or Universal (Heavyweight) Championship, is the name given to certain championships. The name of the promotion is often preceded to the term "world heavyweight championship" as the complete name of the title, however some are also correctly known simply as the "World Heavyweight Championship" without bearing the name of an organization. However, in some cases the world championship simply bears the name of the organization and does not include "world (heavyweight) championship". The name is usually (but not always) given to the championship that is presented as being the most prestigious of those contested within a promotion. The wrestler holding a championship with this name is referred to as the "World (Heavyweight) Champion". The first recognized world heavyweight championship was the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship, created in 1905, and the inaugural champion was George Hackenschmidt. The lineage of many prominent contemporary world championships can be traced back to the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship.

List of World ChampionshipsEdit



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