WWF Sunday Night Slam aired three times on the USA Network between August 21, 1994 and March 26, 1995. The program was created to replace the specials run on the USA Network prior to major pay-per-views. The shows were called "SummerSlam Spectacular", "March To WrestleMania", "Survivor Series Showdown", and "Countdown to the Crowning". The WWF revived the show in 1995 as a 30-minute preview of the night's pay-per-view action. The final Sunday Night Slam aired just prior to WWF In Your House 5: Seasons Beatings on December 17, 1995. After 1995, this show aired on the Prevue Channel. In 1996, it became WWF Free for All and the channel on which it aired would be renamed TV Guide Channel (now TV Guide Network) almost immediately after that. This last version was terminated in 1998 and replaced by WWE Sunday Night Heat.

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