WWF Jakked
WWE Jakked and WWE Metal were professional wrestling television programs produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Both shows aired syndicated weekly from 1999 until 2002 and replaced WWF Shotgun Saturday Night. Originally produced under the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) banner, they were replaced by the similarly formatted WWE Bottom Line and WWE After Burn in syndication.

WWF Metal
Jakked aired on Saturday nights while Metal aired in the afternoon. Both shows featured matches from the week's events. As a result of the WWE Brand Extension, from April 2002 until the discontinuation of Jakked and Metal in May of that year, both shows began to feature matches from the SmackDown brand, mirroring the format WWE Heat had at the time in relation to the Raw brand. In late May, WWE Velocity premiered and began to serve a similar purpose for the SmackDown brand.

Metal aired in the United Kingdom on Sky1 until also being replaced by WWE After Burn in May 2002.

Jakked and Metal were hosted by many commentators and interviewers. Frequent commentators and hosts included Michael Cole, Kevin Kelly, Tom Prichard, Jonathan Coachman, Chris Leary, Marc Lloyd, and Al Snow.

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