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No Way Out was a pay-per-view event, produced by WWE. The event was created in 1998 as a WWF In Your House event in February of that year. Returning in 2000, the event was rebranded to its current title as an annual PPV event for WWE. To coincide with the brand extension, the event was made exclusive to the SmackDown brand in 2004, being produced every February. In April 2007, following WWE WrestleMania 23, brand-exclusive pay-per-view events ceased being held, with the last of which being the SmackDown-exclusive No Way Out 2007. In February 2008 WWE elected to move its annual Elimination Chamber match to the No Way Out pay-per-view and began conducting two a year at the event, one for both brands.

No Way Out was discontinued after 2009 and WWE Elimination Chamber was created to replace it and retain the Elimination Chamber theme. The name was revived for the June 2012 pay-per-view event.

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