WCW Womens Cruiserweight Title
The World Championship Wrestling Women's Cruiserweight Championship was a short-lived singles championship in World Championship Wrestling for the smaller women. It was created as a joint venture between WCW and GAEA Japan. The weight limit for the women's cruiserweight division was 130 lb (as announced on WCW television). The first champion was crowned in a four woman tournament that began on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro on March 31, 1997 and concluded on April 7, 1997. Since the tournament final was only shown as a bonus match on WCW Main Event, and the results were never mentioned on WCW television again, it is speculated that the title was created solely to be used by the GAEA promotion in Japan. In fact, the title was defended and changed hands twice in Japan until being abandoned in late 1997.

Championship LineageEdit

Retired - 1997 - The championship was abandoned after WCW and GAEA Japan ended their relationship.

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