Uncensored 1999
Uncensored 1999 took place on March 14, 1999 from Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.

The lumberjacks for the WCW World Tag Team Championship match were: Norman Smiley, Hugh Morrus, Meng, Kenny Kaos, Arn Anderson, Kendall Windham, Bobby Duncum Jr. and Prince Iaukea. In the main event Ric Flair pinned Hulk Hogan while an unconscious Hogan was in the Figure-Four leglock. Flair, who had gained control of WCW for 90 days on a December 1998 edition of WCW Monday Nitro, ordered referee Charles Robinson to use discretion in stopping the match; as a result, Robinson did not stop the match when Flair bled first, nor would he count for Hogans own pin falls. Charles Robinson made a fast three count to give the match to Flair.

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