SuperBrawl 6
SuperBrawl VI took place on February 11, 1996 from the Bayfront Arena in St. Petersburg, Florida. This event marked Brian Pillmans final match in WCW; in his "I Respect You" Strap Match against The Taskmaster, Pillman shouted "I respect you, bookerman!," breaking kayfabe, before leaving the ring. All the pre-PPV matches took place live on WCW Main Event. As per the pre-match stipulations, Johnny B. Badd's victory resulted in him winning Diamond Dallas Page's remaining lottery money of $6.6 million for the Doll, as well as retaining her services as a valet. In the WCW World Heavyweight Championship match Ric Flair pinned Randy Savage after Miss Elizabeth turned on Savage by allowing Flair to hit him with one of her high heel shoes.

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