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February 2010Edit

February 13: 047 PWAQ Bash At Beenligh

March 2010Edit

March 10: 047a PWAQ Bray Park Brawl

March 20: 048 AWF Intense Rivalries

March 21: 049 PWAQ Nambucca Cup

April 2010Edit

April 3: AWF Supanova Brisbane

April 4: AWF Supanova Brisbane

April 10: 052 PWAQ Farewell Obie

April 16: 053 AWF Live at the Cube (TV Pilot Tapings)

August 2010Edit

August 5-14 - Live at the Ekka

Volume 54

Volume 55

Volume 56

August 17 - September 21 2010: This is AWF Wrestling TV Series

August 28 - Victoria Somewhere

November 2010Edit

November 5 2010 - PWA Sydney (PWWA)

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