WWE Experience
WWE Experience is a syndicated American television program produced by WWE which recaps events taking place on Raw, SmackDown and Main Event. The show ran from May 2004 until September 2005 in the US, broadcasting 64 episodes domestically before its cancellation. The show continues to run in international markets, with it being televised in Canada, Australia and Mexico, as well as in Asian and in some African countries.

The show was originally hosted by Todd Grisham and Ivory, with the setting of the show being outdoors and usually around New York City. When WWE programming moved to the USA Network during September 2005, WWE Experience was cancelled in America to later be replaced with WWE AM Raw, but the show continued to be produced for overseas audiences. The filming was moved to the WWE studios in Stamford, Connecticut following reports that Grisham hated to film in the rain. Ivory was released from WWE a few weeks before the cancellation of the show in the United States. In July 2006, Todd Grisham was replaced as host by Josh Mathews, and no clear reason for Grisham's replacement was confirmed despite Mathews reportedly saying, "No reason, Todd's gone, [Josh is] here, deal with it". After Josh Mathews became a commentator on WWE ECW, he was replaced by Jack Korpela. In November 2011, following Korpela's departure from the WWE, he was replaced by Matt Striker. In late 2012, Striker welcomed Renee Young as co-host, and following Striker leaving the WWE in early 2013, Young remained as the sole presenter of the show.

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