Marcelo Antonio Rodríguez Laprea is a Venezuelan actor and professional wrestling announcer currently working for the international Spanish versions of WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, WWE NXT, WWE Superstars, and pay-per-view (PPV) events alongside Carlos Cabrera as color commentator. Rodríguez started working for WWE by the end of 2000 and appeared only occasionally at that time, filling in for Cabrera or former color commentator Hugo Savinovich. He commentated in every international version of RAW and SmackDown, while both Cabrera and Savinovich alternately broadcast alongside him. In October 2011, Savinovich left WWE and Rodríguez became a full-time Spanish commentator for all programs and PPV events. In October 2011, Rodríguez and Cabrera were at ringside for the tapings of Raw and SmackDown in Mexico City, Mexico.

Rodríguez was also frequent substitute co-host of WWE en Español until October 2011, when he became permanent co-host with Carlos Cabrera following the departure of Hugo Savinovich from the company. He had not made any appearance on PPV since working for WWE until WWE SummerSlam 2011. Rodríguez hosts The WWE Experience for Latin America introducing clips and recaps from the previous week's episodes of Raw, SmackDown and NXT.

In his spare time, Rodriguez enjoys following the NHL's New Jersey Devils and the NFL's Dallas Cowboys.

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