Curtis Piehau Iaukea III (September 15, 1937 – December 4, 2010) was a professional wrestler better known as King Curtis Iaukea. Iaukea won championships in several of the major regional U.S. promotions, both as a single and in various tag team combinations, during the 1960s. He then competed in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) where he won the WWF Tag Team Championship with Baron Scicluna. He was also later The Master of the Dungeon of Doom in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Under the name "Iau Kea" he appeared in the film The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze with Moe Howard declaring "That's not a man! That's a committee!".
  • NWA British Empire/Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship
  • American Wrestling Alliance United States Heavyweight Championship
  • NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship
  • NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Championship
  • NWA United States Heavyweight Championship (Hawaii version)
  • NWA United States Heavyweight Championship (San Francisco version)
  • NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship
  • NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship
  • NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship
  • IWA World Heavyweight Championship
  • IWA World Tag Team Championship
  • WWWF World Tag Team Championship

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