The Impact Wrestling X Division Championship, formally known as the TNA X Division Championship, is a professional wrestling championship owned by the Impact Wrestling promotion. It is primarily defended on Impact Wrestling. It debuted on June 19, 2002 at the taping of TNA's second weekly pay-per-view (PPV) event. The title has previously been known as the NWA X Championship, the NWA–TNA X Championship, and the NWA–TNA X Division Championship.

Championship LineageEdit

TNA X Division ChampionshipEdit

Vacated — October 9, 2002

Vacated — March 31, 2004

Vacated — December 7, 2008

Vacated — April 18, 2010

Vacated — July 8, 2012 - Option C

Vacated — July 11, 2013 — Option C

Vacated — June 26, 2014 — Option C

Vacated — November 12, 2014

VACATED - June 3 2015 - Option C

VACATED - August 18 2016

Impact Wrestling X Division ChampionshipEdit

Global Force Wrestling X Division ChampionshipEdit

See AlsoEdit

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