Welcome to the Wrestling Archives. This site is dedicated to the archival of Queensland's Golden Age of Wrestling as well as following other Australian's as they make a success in the bigger Federations. is the own to the largest online collection of Australian / Queensland Wrestling. Most of the content on this site is owned by or partly owned by OzX. We feature videos from PWAQ, PWAU, Prowl, AWA, GWE AWF, ACWA, GPW and many more. officially owns 102 volumes of wrestling and the official lineage will be headlined with a number from 001 to 102. Non lineage events will be featured in Chronological order with the designation featuring the Fed Initials and which volume it is in my collection eg ACWA01. All of the videos and individual matches are in chronological order. The video archives are currently being uploaded and are incomplete. is also uploaded as much archival material as possible like poster and championship histories. If you have anything you would like to contribute please contact us here. Hope you enjoy.

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Watch the Official OzX Archives. Uploading currently in progress. Also featured are a few rare events not owned by OzX but deserve to be shared. We dont claim ownership of those events. he Archives are not yet complete.

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