All Japan Pro Wrestling
All Japan Pro Wrestling (オールジャパン・プロレスリング Ōru Japan Puroresuringu?, originally 全日本プロレス Zen Nihon Puroresu) (AJPW/AJP) is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion established in 1972. All Japan Pro Wrestling still remains one of the most popular puroresu promotions still in operation.



  • Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship
  • World Tag Team Championship
  • World Junior Heavyweight Championship
  • All Asia Tag Team Championship
  • Gaora TV Championship

Former ChampionshipsEdit

  • Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship
    • NWA International Heavyweight Championship
    • NWA United National Championship
    • PWF World Heavyweight Championship
  • Titles that are now part of the World Tag Team Championship
    • NWA International Tag Team Championship
    • PWF World Tag Team Championship


  • NWA International Junior Heavyweight Championship
  • All Asia Heavyweight Championship
  • PWF United States Heavyweight Championship

Rerturn ToEdit


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